Unique Places: We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym – WGRZ 2

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY – This week’s “Unique Places” features a gym for all kids, all ages, and all abilities.
The motto of We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym is “Finally a place where you never have to say ‘I’m sorry.'”
The owner, Jessica Sills, says the mission is simple.  “To provide that safe, nurturing environment for all children, to be fully inclusive, to be the place where children can come and be who they are,” said Sills.
Sills is a speech and language pathologist. Her husband is a phys-ed teacher. They combined their loves to open a place for all children – on and off the autism spectrum – to come and play together. They now have Kids Gym locations in Derby and Williamsville.
Knowing the needs of children on the spectrum, this gym also has a sensory calming room.
“If children become overwhelmed in the gym, they don’t have to leave. They can go in sit down chill out regroup and then come back out to the gym,” said Sills.